Please see below for some praise we’ve received from key customer and partner contacts. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Christian PicciniSr. Program Manager Lead at Microsoft Corporation

“I have worked with Mike on several projects and he has always demonstrated that he understands the importance of strong partnerships and is willing to roll up his sleeves in order to ensure that the bridges are built.”

Mark Myers – Sr. Director Operations Program Readiness at Microsoft Corporation

“Mike is able to identify and rally the right resources required to accomplish and execute the plan to its fullest potential. Mike is constantly working to understand the needs and requirements of his partners and projects in efforts to drive satisfaction and project success. I would recommend Mike to any organization that desires a technical person who prioritizes partner satisfaction, dedication, and project completion as the highest priorities.”

Chris McMillan – Senior Product Planner at Microsoft

“Mike’s skill for developing key relationships with each of the partners to understand their motivations and manage the subsequent complexities in getting to a solution were unrivaled. Partners were happy to engage with him and his team and he always could effectively balance the fine line between company and partner desires. What amazed me the most about Mike was the flexibility he displayed interacting with everyone inside a partner from a customer support rep on the phone to a “C” level executive. Whether the individual was in marketing, engineering, or sales he always was prepared and could have a meaningful interaction to get to the heart of a problem. “

Roy Sasabe – Strategic Alliance Manager formerly at Sony (Redmond)

“Working with Mike on Sony-Microsoft technical engagement project was one of the most exciting and pleasant experience during my time in Seattle. Mike has always been a strong advocate for Sony and his experience/network within Microsoft as well as his well-balanced perspective in both business and technologies has brought the engagement of the two companies to the next level.”

Scott Zielinski – Sr. Director Sales, Americas formerly at Synaptics

“Mike’s passion to win and strategic planning and customer relationship management has proven success for delivering results. He is a valuable asset to the business development team, Working as part of the GTM Team has been an honor and educational experience and Mike has earned my highest recommendation.”

We are looking forward to the opportunity to partner with your organization soon, please send us an email or call to schedule your introductory discussion.