Technology Integration Partners is your best choice for securing the right technology engagements, innovation and implementation opportunities, and helping to identify and grow business development wins.

Our 25 years of technology industry experience, deep organizational knowledge, long-standing stakeholder relationships, and product development understanding uniquely positions us as valuable resource for your achieving your organizations objectives.

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can assist immediately with:

  • Developing an engagement framework for building effective partnerships.
  • Mapping of relationships with key influencers and decision makers.
  • Educating on communication protocol for more effective interaction.
  • Creating a strategic plan to drive on-going collaboration.
  • Increasing sales opportunities through improved business development initiatives.

Our goal is to provide both tremendous value and a superior customer experience. We accomplish this by developing the right plan which enables prioritized focus on building and growing lasting relationships. Adhering to this approach will foster on-going collaboration opportunities and overall business growth.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please see our FAQ page for additional information on areas we can provide assistance. Also, we welcome you to use our Contact Us page to ask any specific questions or provide feedback on how we’re doing.

Mike Pautz – Founder & President